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St Marys House, Portsmouth

October 8, 2014 by admin in Case Studies, Construction Works

St Marys House, Portsmouth


St Marys House, Portsmouth


First Wessex

Contract Details:

The works include the removal and replacement of the existing defective windows and doors to the southern elevation, together with maintenance, repair and upgrade works to the remaining
windows and doors, external maintenance repairs to the roof, rainwater goods and remaining elevations to 1-68 St Marys House.

The project is to include similar works to the two gate keeper buildings together with repairs to major enclosing boundary walls and structures.

Lifetime have also been involved with a Community Activity Day with all the residents in the area. Please have a look at our Community and Charity works page for more details.

Completed January 2015

Comments from Contract Administrator:

I was the Contract Administrator on the St. Mary’s House project. The project included removing and replacing the sliding sash windows and doors to the south elevation in strict accordance with Planning Approval. The windows to the north elevation were significantly overhauled, refurbished and repaired. As part of the contract, ancillary repair works were completed to the roof, masonry, externals areas and decoration.

Lifetime Construction’s performance throughout was excellent. Their pro-active approach curtailed any resident’s issues in the early stages. Being leaseholders, residents were very concerned about the works and the disruption it could cause. Lifetime’s Resident Liaison Officer was extremely beneficial in this regard, holding regular meetings with residents and keeping them informed of progress and how the works would affect them. Regular newsletters were also issued.

The works were completed to a high standard and under budget. While there was a delay in completion, this was as a result of supply issue outside direct control. The works were ultimately completed within the revised agreed timescales.

Agreeing cost variations, valuations and the Final Account was a very open process and worked extremely well.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lifetime Construction again for any project.

Comments from the Client:

Lifetime Construction were awarded a JCT Intermediate Form of contract to install new timber sash windows, carry out refurbishment of existing timber sash windows, external decorations and roofing & façade repairs.

The works were completed on a Grade 2 listed building and are of a good quality, with sufficient care and diligence being given to the project by Natasha’s team.

The contract was completed to the agreed timescale and the costs were significantly less than the original budget.

Access for each flat was managed very well, despite numerous challenges and all of the flats were accessed to allow the contract works to complete by the end of the contract period.

Defects are currently at an acceptable level.